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Inventors of Digital Foil Printers

Digital foil printers manufactured in the United States

The digital foil printers we build in Chelmsford, Massachusetts help our customers serve their customers in a way that is simple and environmentally friendly.  We solve real business problems that positively impact our customers’ bottom line.

quality digital foil printers made in the USA

Our Core Values

Our five core values have held true since ImPress Systems was founded in 1999.  They are more than words; they are intertwined with all that we do.

Customer Success – we are steadfast in helping our customers achieve their goals.

Quality – we ensure consistently reliable output from our patented technology using high grade materials and manufacturing best practices.

Simplicity – meticulous engineering enables quicker, safer and easier customization.

Hard Work – we work hard so our customers can be more productive with less effort.

Dedication – our employees are committed and responsible for our customers’ and our company’s success.

Manufacturing Digital Foil Printers, How It All Began

Steve Aroneo and Rita Mascari launched ImPress Systems in 1999 to help specialty printing companies streamline their operations and enhance profits.

The question of whether entrepreneurs are made or born has long been debated but for this enterprising duo, genetics certainly played a role. Both of their fathers were business owners, so when they had an idea for replacing an antiquated printing process, their entrepreneurial spirits led the way.

With Steve’s engineering expertise and Rita’s strong business management and sales background, they believed they could manufacture and bring to market a better, faster, and environmentally-friendly system for applying metallic foils to a variety of materials

Steve invented and designed digital printing technology that eliminated the need for time-consuming and costly typesetting, plates, and screens required for traditional foiling processes.

Quality control was paramount, so at a time when most companies were manufacturing overseas for the lowest cost, Steve and Rita chose to source the materials and produce their products in the United States.

From problem to prototype and then getting funding to producing a working model and establishing production, it took passion, dogged persistence and two years before ImPress Systems offered its first line of digital foil printers manufactured in the United States.

The flexibility and speed of the printers were game-changing for industries using traditional hot stamping, screen printing, and pad printing processes.

With this technology, companies are able to produce short runs on demand, offer quicker order turnaround and capitalize on new business opportunities.

digital foil printers manufactured in the United States

Where You Can Find Us

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