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Foil Xpress Line

ImPress Systems is the inventor and manufacturer of Foil Xpress digital foil printers, which is now available in four versatile models. It has never been easier to uniquely create on demand, digital, foil imprints directly on to a variety of products.  Our Original Foil Xpress is the basic model and is the best choice for printing in one area.  For example, if your application is printing a name or initials on a book cover, Original Foil Xpress would be the most cost effective solution and best solution.

If, however, you need to print a larger area, then consider investing in Foil Xpress with Auto Position (AP) Option.  If you would like to print on flats as well as cylinders, then adding our Cyclone Cylinder Module will make either the Original Foil Xpress and Foil Xpress with Auto Position (AP) Option two printers in one.

Foil Xpress Quattro is a very specialized model.  It will print is wider, however, it is the most expensive model and one of our models my be best for your application.

Let our experienced team of experts help you decide which Foil Xpress is right for your organization.

Foil Xpress by ImPress Systems. a ccost effective solution for any size organization
Foil Xpress with Auto Position AP
Foil Xpress Digital Foil Printer by ImPress Systems
Original Foil Xpress
Crayons foil printed with Cyclone by ImPress Systems
Cyclone Cylinder Module Option
Foil Xpress Quattro
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