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ImPress Systems Launches New Digital Printing Foil

Flip-Foil Digital Printing Foil Can Be Placed on the Front or Back of Transparent Materials

Chelmsford, MA August 1, 2022, ImPress Systems has announced the launch of Flip-Foil, a double-sided foil for use with the company’s digital printing systems.

Flip-Foil has two unique benefits not available with standard foils. The first benefit is that it allows customers to print directly onto transparent substrates to create products that are aesthetically pleasing from the front as well as the back. The back, adhesive side of standard foils are not the same color as the foil being applied. With Flip-Foil, the view from the back of a clear product is the same foil color that is applied to the front.

The second advantage is that customers have the flexibility of printing graphics on the front or back surface of transparent substrates.  When printing a graphic in reverse on the back, the product itself serves as a protective covering. This is ideal for applications that may be subject to wear.

Companies that sell products like invitations, interior signage, ornaments, picture frames, labels and more can enhance the appearance and elevate the overall quality by using the two-sided foil.

Customers will appreciate having more options to embellish transparent materials.

“We are in the business of helping customers solve problems,” said Rita Mascari, VP of sales and marketing at ImPress Systems, “we continue to launch new products that improve the versatility of our systems and help increase sales and profitability for our customers.”

Flip-Foil is currently available and can be purchased from ImPress Systems.

You can learn about ImPress Systems digital foil printers here.

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