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Digital foil prints - printed using our digital foil printers - are as durable as hot stamping imprints.

Do you think that a digital foil print might not be durable?

This picture doesn’t show the most beautiful or elegant REAL foil print ever printed using one our digital foil printers – but I think it will serve as the best example I can give that digital foil prints are pretty durable.

My husband is a lobster fisherman, and he asked me 10 years ago if I could print on something he could use to identify his lobster traps.  I printed on the polypropylene vials shown in this image.  I knew that because we use REAL hot stamping foils on our digital foil printers, it would be as durable as any other hot stamp foil imprint – but I have to admit that even I was surprised to learn that after all of these years submerged deep into the Atlantic Ocean, these prints would hold up this well.


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