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Small Business Digital Foil Printing

Surviving the First Years as a Small Business

Brass Ring Award Company has been making award ribbons for livestock and horse shows for six years. They are known for their high-quality customized ribbons, but that was not always the case. When the owner, Lisa Edinger, first started the business, she purchased a hot foil press machine from a company off of eBay and had no idea how to use it. With determination and perseverance, she eventually figured it out and was in business. However, she was getting inconsistent results, and customers were complaining about the quality of the foil printing. One customer even suggested that she should outsource the printing.

Lisa contacted the vendor for support, but they were not helpful. She immediately started doing research and found ImPress Systems, a manufacturer known for producing superior-quality desktop digital foil printers. Although she found and compared machines sold by other companies, they were either too big or too expensive for her budget, with one costing as much as $40,000.

After studying the ImPress Systems website, Lisa contacted a salesperson and sent some ribbon samples. Within days, she received ribbon samples with printed foil, and she was extremely impressed with the quality. Lisa purchased the printer, and she found that it was notably easy to set up. Whenever she had questions, she called customer service, and they always helped her promptly. The quality of the foil printing gave her the confidence to accept new business. If it were not for the ImPress Printer, she would have had to outsource the printing, which would have increased costs and eaten into profitability, or she would have closed the business.

The ImPress Systems digital foil printer has been a game-changer for Brass Ring Award. There have been no more customer complaints and customers return year after year.

“If it were not for ImPress Systems, I would no longer be in business. The printer is a workhorse and trouble-free, providing consistent high-quality foil printing on the ribbons,” stated Lisa Edinger. “The exceptional customer support from ImPress Systems has been instrumental in the success of the Brass Ring Award.”

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