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Solid stripes journal personalized on Foil Xpress by Impress Systems

Why offer personalized products?

Personalized products are quickly gaining popularity and for a business, offering personalized products may be the best way to differentiate your organization from big-box retailers and cookie-cutter retail shops. According to Forbes over the past two decades there has been a shift towards valuing personalization. Sentimental value and uniqueness are just a few factors that are driving the increasing demand for personalized products. Having the right printing equipment to produce short run – uniquely printed items is essential to being able to offer this valuable service and this is where we come in.

Impress Systems’ desktop digital printers make it easy and cost effective to produce beautiful customized products. Our printers are versatile, easy to use and come with a Windows based system that can print on a variety of materials and products. Printing REAL hot stamping foil directly on to gift boxes, ribbons, journals, stationary, greeting cards and so much more. The sentimental value a personalized item has is priceless to your customers therefore offering personalized items can be extremely profitable to your business.

As the experts in digital, foil printing, we are here and happy to provide you with any information you need to help you capitalize on this trend!

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